Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

Family Law Practice:

“Please know that I am fully aware that I could not have broken through this long impasse, which has opened productive discussion between ___ and myself, had it not been for your professional and personal open support and guidance. I cannot thank you enough for this… I offer you all my most sincere gratitude…” S.L.

“Thank you so much for expert service and attention to my case. For the first time in 13 years, I feel like for once that I finally had someone on my side looking out for my interest and my children. You are an asset to your firm.” P.C.

“… I wanted to let you know that I am very grateful to you for all your efforts. You have done an exemplary job… You have confirmed my faith in having chosen your law firm all those years ago… It is not often that people go the extra mile to help someone out. You did just that and I will continue to heartily recommend your firm.” L.H.


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t have asked for more… Fondly, the newly single… ” D.M.O.


“… You have made a difference in my life and I shall always think of you with the greatest gratitude.” P.R.


“…and wanted to let you know that I am very grateful to you for all your efforts. You have done an exemplary job in ascertaining the information I needed. The problem is close to being resolved without my having to put a large sum of money in escrow… Thank you so much for everything. You have confirmed my faith in having chosen your law firm all those years ago to handle my divorce. It is not often that people go the extra mile to help someone out. You did just that and I will continue to heartily recommend your firm.” L. H.


“…I would like to say that although I am not able to proceed with my divorce at this time, your firm has most certainly gained a future client as well as some word of mouth advertising. Your assistant made me feel comfortable to discuss a difficult decision that I had not been able to and was afraid to even call a law firm in the past. I would like to personally thank her for her professionalism, understanding, patience, and attitude. I am indeed grateful she picked up the phone when I called.” F.R.

“I wished to thank you. Because you gave me strength, support, comfort, and beyond Powerful legal assistance, you gave extra kindness and generosity beyond expectation, as if you were my brother, beyond normal, in the realm of righteous. I wished to tell you that your righteousness provided me the ability to take care of and raise my son.”


“I send clients to you because I know they will get expert representation and courteous treatment.” E.D.

“My divorce was unexpected after 17 years of marriage and I was extremely distraught when my husband deserted me for a younger woman. Ron and his staff offered me sympathy, support, and above all, expert advice in all legal matters. The Monmouth Bar Association is fortunate to have as a member someone of Ron’s personal and legal stature.” M.G. to the Monmouth Bar Association

“Many thanks for your wonderful kindness, support, and expertise in handling the divorce. I appreciate the ease and humor with which everything was done!” M.S.

“Dear [attorneys and staff] – Thank you for your excellent service. It was as painless an experience as divorce can be.” D.S.

“I do not believe that there are any other divorce lawyers who would have given their clients the help and strength to go out on their own as you did to me.” S.W.

“My deep, sincere thanks to you [and] your staff, for always being so kind, patient and understanding. I have (and do!) consider you a dear friend; in a way, I felt you would always ‘be there’ for anyone of clients or friends. We will keep in touch and of course, I sing your praises to anyone privy to my ‘troubles’!” J.C.

“Thank you for everything. Many years from now I will look back at this battle and see that I went to war with a winner.” J.D.

“You are a great lawyer and I highly recommend you to all my friends and family. Thanks for all you have done for me.” E.S.

“I can’t thank you enough. You made a very difficult day easy.” B.M.

“Thank you for the wonderful job you did in court at the last motion. Most importantly, thank you for all the friendship and kindness you have given me over the years. I greatly appreciate all you have done for me.” T.C.

“Words will never express what has been in my heart for such a long time – You are an incredible person and one hell of a lawyer.” S.

“I do want to take this opportunity to thank you for your expertise, advice and most valuable time. The papers are now finalized and I am a divorced woman… They say the best advertising is word of mouth – your name will be a luncheon item.” I.K.

“I am blissfully happy!! Children are fabulous, even though they are typical teenagers! I love my job, love my house. Going to London in May with a great guy! Not too shabby! Thanks for my new life!!” P.

“I want to thank you for being such a friend to me during my divorce. You always made me feel so special and important. The sense of security you gave me about my future and [daughter’s] and my well-being gave me the peace of mind I needed. I couldn’t have made it through that awful time without your help! Thank you and God Bless!” D.R.

“Thank you so much for taking decisive action on my behalf, in regard to stalled Judgment of Divorce. I felt so encouraged and renewed after meeting with you yesterday.” B.N.

“I want to personally thank you for the work that you did for me. I appreciate your patience, your persistence, and your genuine concern. Throughout the ordeal, you helped me remain confident with your professional, rational and knowledgeable manner. And I always enjoyed your quick wit… Be assured that I will continue to highly recommend you.” G.H.

“It has been one year since you’ve helped me finalize my divorce and start a brand new life. I truly appreciate all you did to help me out of a rotten situation. In my book, you are priceless!” K.M.

“A note to say ‘hello’ – and ‘thank you’ from the bottom of my heart – for all your good work, your compassion, your patience – but mostly for your encouragement and friendship. You are one of a kind! A brilliant attorney in a teddy bear’s body! How lucky your family is to have you.” J.C.

“I wanted to thank you very much for representing me and for reaching an amicable agreement. I would recommend you highly to any of my friends and if the need should arise would definitely attain retain you as my attorney.” B.H.

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kindness and generosity – and thank you for all your help and support and direction in my divorce. You were wonderful to work with. I will certainly use the firm for any other legal needs. In fact, I met with Ken Chamlin regarding the workers’ comp. Claim.” S.M.

“Thank you so very much for your help through this difficult time. I wasn’t sure how I would handle it all, both emotionally and financially, but you were so helpful in both areas.” R.D.

“Thank you for your time and for the personal attention you gave my mom last week. With sincerest appreciation…” R.N.

“Thanks for being my ‘White Knight!'” F.K.

“You are one in a billion! The lovely articles in the press give only an idea as to what you are all about. You are a big part of my ‘recovery,’ no-nonsense but very sympathetic, too.” J.C.

“We just wanted to thank you very much for having Karen help us make sense of our new child support figure! She was great! Knowing where the figure is coming from is comforting to us. Also thanks for having her follow up with the consent, making the new figure retroactive (as it should have been).” P.A.

“I hope you don’t think of me as a big pest, but I’m overwhelmed with your kindness that I wanted to thank you again, and also the [staff] who helped prepare the will. You have no idea how tough it is to be alone without a family.” M.B.

“I can’t express my gratitude for the excellent results we obtained in court. Both you and Shannon were articulate, diligent, sharp and well prepared. Lets always remain friends.” M.S.


“A short note to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your successful efforts in preparing my reply certification. The result was extraordinary.” T.C.

“Just a short note to thank you very much for your excellent advice, and thank you for taking the time to talk to me… your help is greatly appreciated!” P.G.

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you so much for all you’ve done for me in the last year. You have been great and really gone beyond what you had to do to make this easier for me and get me a fair settlement… I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends if they should ever need a lawyer.” L.B.

“Thanks for all you have done for my brother and my entire family. I will always be grateful for your willingness to get involved and share your expertise as well as your compassion and common sense. You are a remarkable person whom I cherish as a friend.” R.

“You have done so much for us, and words can not express how much we appreciate all that we feel for you… You’re a good egg.” T and S

“January 2006, I walked into your office, I was afraid, confused… You guided me through a stressful divorce and I am grateful… I am happier and healthier three years later and much better off… happy to be back to my maiden name, self-esteem returned… I made it through the transition thanks to you… My friends all say I’m lucky to have had a good lawyer, and I agree!” P.H.

“We appreciate your help at such short notice! No words can express – you are the best.” E. & K.

“Thank you again and again – you have helped me so much – without hesitation – your strength is contagious.” G.J.

“One year ago today he moved out and I was a broken woman. I did not realize then it was a good thing. Today I am stronger and there is a new and better life ahead for me. Thank you for helping me get to this point and having patience with me. Life feels good again, hopeful and fun.” P.K.

“Thank you for your diligent help and courtesy. It’s great having a lawyer I enjoy talking to and working with. I don’t feel like I am talking to an attorney, I feel like I am speaking with a friend.” J.

“I just wanted to say thanks, for everything. I really appreciate all the time you took to explain everything to me. It really made me feel much more at ease going into Court.” J.M.

“Thank you for everything. We really appreciate all your help – we would have never been able to do this adoption without your help.” G. and L.

“… thank you so much for your understanding and kindness, not only as a lawyer but as a wonderful friend. You always take time to listen and always make me feel so much better. Thank you for everything.” D.W.

“My very best regards to Ms. Laura Walsh who has helped me in so many ways. I will always be grateful, and I will recommend her and the firm to all my New Jersey friends.” G.J.

“I was very comforted to know you took care of my son, ___. Of course, I knew you would but I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you… I want you to know, there is no one else I would want in my son’s corner. Thanks again, so much!” S. A.

“Many thanks for your unflagging wisdom, kindness, and generosity.” J.F.

“It was a real honor and pleasure meeting you and working with you on the ____ matter. S. did an excellent job in selecting his legal representative – no one could have done better than you on this case – well done!” R.H.

“Just a little note to say thank you for making me feel so at ease at a difficult time. I have the utmost confidence in you.” L.W.

“Please accept my thanks and gratitude for the kindnesses you so graciously and generously extended to me. For all the advice and guidance that you offered, for the patience with which you listened, and for the time you ‘gifted’ me from your professional and personal schedule, I am truly indebted to you. During a dark and terrible time of despair in my life, you extended your kindly hand to me. Thank you for giving so much more than I can ever repay indeed. I remain humbled and blessed by your kindness.” L.B.

“It’s hard to know where to begin. ‘Thank you’ hardly seems enough. I truly do appreciate your advice and patience with me throughout the process. Whenever I sat across from you, you provided reassurance and confidence I often hadn’t felt going in. I always knew you were doing your best for me… You did a terrific job for me. It is a great result.” B.

“Just a note expressing our thanks for helping my son ___ and his son. It was nice to see someone who cared about his case and outcome.” T.J.

“Thanks for your time on Friday – it meant more to me than you could ever imagine. You were great and I appreciate and admire your ability to keep me calm!” J.

“I wish to express my sincerest appreciation for the help you gave me regarding my Termination of Alimony case. You made me feel at ease and confident that my decision was correct. I can only imagine how much easier my life might have been if you had handled my first divorce after a 25-year marriage.” G.W.

“I wanted to thank you too for your consoling words and your concern yesterday, it really meant a lot to me, and I feel very confident with you handling everything for me… the motion was written very very well and it is extremely powerful!” B.R.

“Ms. Walsh, thank you so much for being such a fighter for ___!” F.S.

“Thank you for helping my family. It eases my mind knowing you are representing us.” J.

“In the last 4 ½ years that I’ve known you… you have been a source of strength for me, a wonderful advisor for me and I thank the good Lord up above for sending me to you because even though this divorce thing is the worst thing I’ve ever had to face in my life, you’ve been terrific and its been a privilege for me to be associated with such a lovely person and professional as you Laura. Thank you so much for all that you’ve given to me.” L.K.

“… A few special comments are warranted regarding Laura Walsh in particular. She is quick, sharp, skillful, and a tremendous asset to [the] firm. I was amazed at how quickly she digested the significant facts from my file given the almost nonexistent time she had to prepare. Please express my deep gratitude to her.” P.L.

“I just wanted to take this time to thank you, for both your professional expertise as well as your personal concern during an extremely hard time in my life. You handled every aspect of my divorce with utmost regard to both legal procedures as well as the ‘human touch’ that is so needed at a time like this.” R.H.

Personal Injury

“On behalf of my family and me, I want to thank you for the outstanding service you have provided for me these 2 + years regarding my case. We were very happy with the outcome… Your services will surely be passed on for our friends and family. Take care, and thanks so much!” A.R.

Wills and Estate Planning:

“… Your kindness, concern, and professional abilities have made a very difficult time in my life a little bit easier.” D.F.

“Lois Sutton is that rarest of lawyers: a consummate professional who is a pleasure to deal with and who never stops looking out for your interest.” M.F.

“Your act of kindness did not go unnoticed. It’s nice to see a lawyer with a heart!” K.F.

“On behalf of ____, I would like to sincerely thank you for all the time you expended in handling ___’s estate, not only after his passing but prior.” M.

“I wanted to take a moment on behalf of my family and myself to express my sincerest gratitude to you for everything you have done, as well as the handling of the will and estate on behalf of my late father, ___. He would have been extremely grateful as we are.” D.S.

“Thank you most sincerely for taking care of ___’s will and what turned out to be a most pleasant surprise.” G.M.

Workman’s Compensation:

“I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for making me feel empowered after such a devastating situation. Thanks to you and countless others, I have moved on successfully. ….You are the best. Thank you for your patience.” D.C.

“Thank you again for putting me straight…the case is moving along thanks to you. You make me feel very comfortable knowing you can help me and it puts me at ease.” M.C.

*Names and specific details have been withheld to protect the identity of our clients.