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Division Of Assets

The state of New Jersey has equitable division laws for divorce. This requires that all property in the marriage be divided 50/50 in a divorce. While this must be an equitable split, it is not necessarily meant to divide everything straight down the middle. Instead, each party should receive equal value from the divorce.

This makes it crucial that you have an attorney experienced in valuing property and assets. You may not have significant wealth or a huge estate, but what you do have with your spouse needs to be divided in such a way that you are provided for now and in the future.

Neptune NJ Division of Assets Lawyers

At Chamlin, Uliano & Walsh, our attorneys will provide the valuation and investigation services you need. A wide range of assets must be considered and many types are often overlooked. Our firm will find and account for all of these components and advocate to ensure that you are provided all that you are entitled to.

Many couples must also consider how they plan on dividing up financial obligations, such as debt. Additionally, this can affect when and if they can declare bankruptcy, should the situation call for it.

Our attorneys will walk beside you through this process, offering the answers and information you need to feel confident with your future following divorce. The division of property often involves things that are complicated and overwhelming for someone without specific training. You can rely upon our experience and financial knowledge to navigate this process for you, delivering the best possible outcome.

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