Frequently asked questions for each of our practices are provided below.

Fees and retainers:

In our family and divorce practice, there is a reasonable consultation fee associated your first meeting with an attorney. Should you choose us to represent you, that fee will be applied to your retainer. Your retainer is an amount of money that the firm will need in order to perform ongoing services on your behalf, according to an hourly rate depending upon your attorney. The amount of your retainer varies depending upon the circumstances of your particular case. We will work from that retainer as if it were a bank account, and you will receive a monthly itemized statement to keep you informed of exactly what is being done and what remains of your retainer. If that “account” runs low before your matter is resolved, you may be asked to make an additional payment. At the same time, if your matter is resolved with funds remaining from your retainer, you will receive any remaining funds back.

For more details, please contact our office online or at 732-440-3950.

For criminal defense cases, we provide an initial consultation, and a retainer is required in order to represent you, which will be drawn from based upon your attorney’s hourly rate.

For Municipal Court matters, including motor vehicle violations, there are flat fees for specific tickets or charges. If your matter requires motions to be filed in order to resolve your case, an additional retainer may be required.

Consultations are free for personal injury matters. Should you retain our firm, the firm generally gets approximately one-third of your judgment or settlement, after costs have been satisfied.

Workers’ compensation consultations are also free. Generally, our firm receives a 20 percent fee, of which the insurance company covers 12 percent and the injured worker covers 8 percent.

For wills and estate Planning, the consultation is free. When you choose to retain our services, you will be charged a fee according to what your needs are.

Real estate matters vary widely, though there are fixed fees for each particular service or transaction. Generally, litigation requires a retainer, is charged on an hourly rate depending upon attorney, and is handled on a case-by-case basis.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover Card.

For more information and for payment information regarding our other practice areas, please contact our office online or by phone at 732-440-3950.

If you are a member of the N.J.E.A. or U.F.C.W. Local 1262, please contact our office for details on our discounted rates and services.