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Monmouth County NJ Child Support LawyersAs the court decides how much time parents will spend with their children following a divorce, it must also determine how children will be provided for financially.

Child support can be hotly contested, even though both parents deeply care about their children and want what is best. Conflict between the two, however, can spill over into this discussion. At Chamlin, Uliano & Walsh, our attorneys are equipped to handle these negotiations, presenting our client’s perspective and fighting for what is best for the children. That remains the priority as we work toward an outcome that provides for the child, both now and in the future.

Ocean County NJ Child Support Enforcement Attorneys

Child support guidelines are often created through simple formulas. The court will evaluate how much time each parent spends with the child and what kind of compensation the primary custody parent is owed by the other. The judge will also consider how much money both spouses make, as well as the child’s specific financial needs. This can include medical and educational costs that need to be split between the parents.

Our lawyers understand that this a particularly difficult time for you and your family. They devote personal attention and adequate time to each client to ensure that they understand your priorities and offer representation that accomplishes those. The results of your divorce will frame your future and that of your children. It is important that the firm handling your case to keep your goals at the forefront. We also fight to ensure that orders already in existence are enforced, providing for your child’s financial needs.

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