Who Pays for Repairs After a Home Inspection?

August 22, 2020

Monmouth County Real Estate Attorney: Who Pays for Repairs After a Home Inspection?

Our partner, Andrew T. Walsh joined the Law Firm of Chamlin Uliano & Walsh in 2002. Mr. Walsh has extensive experience in several areas of law, including Real Estate, Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, Criminal Law, and Municipal Court.

He is known for his skillful and polished legal writing, his sincere dedication to his clients, and his attention to every detail in their legal matters. In the following video, Mr. Walsh goes over critical information when it comes to the Home Inspection Process.

A seller may have to pay for issues that are revealed during an inspection report. Typically, every contract is going to provide for the buyer to have an inspection obviously we highly recommend that you do so. Once the inspection is done, a report is typically forwarded to my attention as the buyer’s attorney. And I would review that with our clients to determine what issues if any, they want the seller to address. We then forward that report and the requests to the seller´s attorney. Typically the rule of thumb is a seller only has to repair those issues that are involving structural issues or environmental issues such as mold, radon, and major systems such as heating, A/C type of things.

What Role Does Negotiation Play in the Contract?

The inspection part of the contract is really negotiation, a party may want to offer a credit at closing instead of making repairs and then they want to do some all-or-none the repairs it is really part of the negotiation process that, again, I think is vital to have our firm representing your interests to help through that process.

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