What is Strict Liability and How are Damages Determined in an NJ Dog Bite Claim?

March 2, 2020

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As a Partner, Mr. James J. Uliano practices in the Litigation Department handling Criminal Law matters in Municipal Court as well as Superior Court. Mr. Uliano is also involved in Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Litigation, Labor Law, and Estate Litigation.

In the following video, Mr. Uliano explains the strict liability concept applied to a dog bite case in New Jersey.

Strict Liability in a dog bite case

In New Jersey, if someone is the victim of a dog bite; there´s something called strict liability. That means it is the owner of the dog´s responsibility, no matter what the circumstances surrounding it may have been. Therefore, a dog bite case is always going to have liability, it´s going to hinge on damages. It is very important you speak with an experienced Personal Injury attorney because they are going to help explain to you the damage process and see if there can be a liability on potentially other individuals associated with this dog bite. Therefore, you should give us a call, so you can talk to a member of our team regarding your matter.

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