Three Holmdel NJ Residents Accused of Stealing $29K from Victim’s Bank Accounts

August 21, 2016

Holmdel NJ police recently arrested three local residents who allegedly stole tens of thousands of dollars from someone’s bank account.

$800k Mexican Gold Scam Leads to 4 Charged with FraudHolmdel police determined that suspects had probably stolen the money from the suspect’s bank accounts. Here is what investigators found: At some point earlier this year, the victim noticed that his bank account was being depleted of funds. He realized something was wrong when he began to have difficulties with his bank checking accounts, as well as his debit card and his bank-issued credit card. The victim then contacted bank officials and local law enforcement, both of which launched an investigation. Holmdel NJ investigators and the Bank of America Fraud Unit then took a closer look and conducted an exhaustive investigation that lasted three months.

According to a press release issued by the Holmdel Police Department, the suspects stole roughly $29,000 from two different accounts maintained by Bank of America.

Holmdel NJ police obtained bank surveillance footage that allegedly showed the three suspects committing the illegal actions. Based on the images, police were able to identify the suspects.

Police later located and arrested the suspects. The three individuals have been charged with numerous criminal offenses, including theft by deception, forgery, and other fraud crimes.

All three suspects reside in Holmdel, New Jersey. One of the suspects is a 25-year-old male. The other two suspects are related: a 28-year-old female and her 24-year-old husband.

Two of the suspects were released from police custody on their own recognizances. They were both issued summons to appear in court at a later date to address the criminal charges against them. The third suspect, the youngest one, was transferred to the Monmouth County Jail because he reportedly had an arrest warrant for an unrelated criminal incident.

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