Severe Injuries Demand Higher Personal Injury Compensation

May 21, 2018

Asbury Park NJ Personal Injury AttorneysNo two injuries are exactly alike. This may seem obvious, but the nature and severity of your injuries can have a material impact on the compensation to which you may be entitled through a personal injury claim. Victims of car accidentsmotorcycle accidentsslip and fall accidentsconstruction accidentsdefective product accidents, and any other type of accident may need to prove the severity of their injuries to recover full damages in New Jersey. The personal injury process can be quite complex, and even small differences between injuries can make the difference between providing for you and your family’s financial future and walking away empty-handed.

Today, our personal injury attorneys will identify the types of damages recoverable through personal injury claims and how more severe injuries can lead to higher financial compensation for victims and their families.

Asbury Park, NJ Injury Compensation Attorneys Identify Recoverable Damages

Before understanding how injury severity plays a role in financial compensation, it is first important to understand how personal injury compensation works overall. Your Asbury Park personal injury attorney may be able to find financial compensation for any and all of the following damages dependent on your unique situation:

  • Medical Expenses including hospital bills, doctor’s bills, rehabilitation, and more
  • Lost wages for missed work in the past, present, and future
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish and emotional stress
  • Loss of life’s pleasures, loss of consortium, and more
  • Punitive damages – a rare but potentially valuable form of compensation which is intended to deter at fault individuals or entities from repeating their wrongful actions

These types of damages can be divided into two basic camps: economic and non-economic damages. Awards which are intended as reimbursement for financial losses such as medical expenses and lost wages are considered economic. Non-compensatory awards for other matters such as pain and suffering and loss of consortium are considered non-economic in nature.

Financial Compensation for Serious Injuries in Monmouth County Personal Injury Claims

As described in the previous section, there are several categories of financial compensation which may be available through successful personal injury claims. But what factors determine how much will be awarded for each? A major determining factor is the nature and severity of the injuries suffered by accident victims. Your Monmouth County personal injury claims lawyer may seek higher compensation for the following:

Economic damages may be increased by more severe injuries from a practical standpoint. Medical bills may be higher. Victims may also suffer from long term or even permanent disability leading to extended absences from work, necessary expenses for rehabilitation, and much more. Generally speaking, economic damages have a one to one relationship with the expenses incurred by victims.

Non-economic damages may be heavily impacted by the severity of the victim’s injuries. Nowhere is this more apparent than when determining compensation for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering are most often calculated using a formula based on medical expenses multiplied by a number anywhere between one (1) and ten (10), and sometimes even more. Injuries such as sprains and strains may granted low multipliers whereas more serious injuries including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis and more may lead to higher multipliers, and therefore a higher overall payout. As pain and suffering account for the highest financial consideration in many PI cases, this difference can be enormous.

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