Motorcycle Safety Laws in New Jersey

May 7, 2018

Monmouth County NJ Motorcycle Accident Injury AttorneysThose who ride motorcycles understand that there is nothing quite like that feeling. The lifestyle, the freedom, the culture, and even the less frequent trips to the gas station are all great reasons to ride in New Jersey. Unfortunately, bikers also assume a greater risk of serious injury or even wrongful death due to the inherent dangers of riding a motorcycle on streets full of truckscars, buses, and other larger vehicles.

In honor of motorcycle safety month, our personal injury attorneys will discuss state motorcycle safety laws, how to become legally licensed and endorsed as a motorcycle rider, and identify how riders can protect themselves in the event of an injurious accident.

New Jersey Motorcycle Safety Regulations: Monmouth County, NJ Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys

In addition to the regular rules of the road, motorcycle riders must also adhere to New Jersey motorcycle statutes. Our Monmouth County motorcycle accident injury attorneys understand that bikers should know their legal responsibilities on the road, including:

  • Wearing a protective helmet – pursuant to N.J.S.A. Section 39:3-76.7 – protective helmets, all motorcycle riders and passengers must wear proper safety helmets at all times. Helmets must adhere to state standards, which include mandatory eye protection unless the motorcycle has a wind screen
  • Motorcycle license, permit, and endorsement – as will be described in greater detail in the following section, motorcycle riders and operators must obtain a special license
  • Passenger safety – passengers must be given a passenger seat and footrest in addition to wearing a helmet. There is no age minimum or other restrictions on motorcycle passengers
  • Other equipment regulations – handgrips, handlebars, lights, mirrors, and other equipment are all subject to specific standards. For example, handgrips may not be higher than shoulder height when riding

Freehold Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Identify Motorcycle License Laws

Riding a motorcycle safely often requires greater focus and dexterity than operating other types of motor vehicles. In recognition of this, the state of New Jersey requires all riders to obtain a special license to ride legally. Your Freehold motorcycle accident injury lawyer will recommend becoming licensed or permitted through one of the following methods:

Adding a motorcycle endorsement to an active driver’s license – most bikers choose to enroll in the state Basic Rider Course to receive helpful training and to make the endorsement process easier. It is, however, possible to forego the BRC if riders are willing to take a motorcycle road test, provide six (6) points of ID, perform a practice riding period and more. At the end of the process, an endorsement may be granted in addition to your driver’s license to allow legal operation of a motorcycle.

Applying for motorcycle license without a driver’s license – it is also possible to apply for a Class E Motorcycle License without a pre-existing driver’s license. This process is more arduous, including a practice ride, BRC, motorcycle road test, and a probationary period.

Apply for a motorcycle permit – individuals 17 and older may also apply for a rider’s permit. This process involves a vision test, knowledge exam, and carries several restrictions such as no passengers, limited road access, and more. Permits are often a step towards a full motorcycle license or endorsement.

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