How much does a worker’s compensation attorney cost?

October 25, 2020

How much does a worker’s compensation attorney cost?

Our experienced attorney Kenneth W. Chamlin joined Chamlin, Uliano & Walsh Law Firm in 1983. Mr. Chamlin has been licensed for several years and works in Monmouth County, Ocean County, and New Jersey. A graduate of Widener Law School in Delaware, Mr. Chamlin handles cases in Workers Compensation and Real Estate for the firm.

In the following video, Attorney Chamlin explains the process and the fee structure for Workers’ Compensation cases in the State of New Jersey.

Workers Compensation legal fees are governed by statutes. So the workers’ compensation statute in the State of New Jersey advises that the attorney fee is usually based upon 20% of the ultimate or the final award that the injured employee receives as a result of the services of the attorney.

If the final resolution of my case is not successful, do I still have to pay?

In my practice, I have never in all the years of doing this; I have never sent a bill to a client because only the judge of the workers’ compensation can set that fee. That fee is based upon 20% of that third remedy that I described before, the recovery that a person receives if they have a residual disability. But nobody can bill a client for legal services. It comes directly from the workers’ compensation judge. No client is ever, at least coming here, no client has ever been asked to lay out any money as we work up the workers’ compensation case.

Our firm advances those monies, and if successful, then we have reimbursed those monies, and if we are not successful, then the client does not pay anything. But it is a statutory legal fee remedy.

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