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Monmouth County, NJ Personal Injury Depositions

Monmouth County NJ Personal Injury Deposition LawyersMost personal injury cases result in a settlement outside of the courtroom. This is due to a litany of reasons including both parties wanting to avoid the costs of litigation, the extended timelines, and the risks involved in a court trial. However, even personal injury cases which never are heard by a judge are still serious legal matters. As such, personal injury claimants can expect to be deposed at some point during the process. Personal injury depositions are common, and by working with a qualified personal injury attorney, you can feel confident that you are well prepared.

Today, our personal injury deposition attorneys will define depositions, interrogatories, and discuss some high level expectations and preparation methods we use to ensure a positive outcome for our clients.

Red Bank, NJ Personal Injury Deposition Lawyers Discuss Interrogatories

Virtually all personal injury claims will involve what is known as interrogatories. Interrogatories are written questionnaires which must be answered by the opposite party. Interrogatories are part of the larger information gathering or “discovery” phase of a personal injury claim. Your Red Bank personal injury lawyer will help guide you through this process by addressing each question individually.

It is also common for personal injury cases to include a deposition. Depositions are essentially interviews given under oath. Depositions are legally similar to testimony given in a courtroom, with the major distinction that they are conducted privately with the assistance of a court reporter. Your attorney will be present as well to protect your legal rights. Depositions can be understandably intimidating, but with adequate preparation, there is no reason to fear a negative result.

How can I Prepare for a Monmouth County Personal Injury Deposition?

So your personal injury case is moving forward and you have been informed that you are being deposed. Now what? Your Monmouth County personal injury attorney will work with you to go over the details of your case, but here are some high level tips and expectations which all individuals should consider before their deposition:

  • Study the details of your case. It may seem ridiculous to study the details of something that happened to you, but answering questions under oath is a different animal. Prepare thoroughly with your personal injury attorney so that you are ready to answer all types of questions
  • Take your time answering questions. Savvy defense attorneys will ask leading questions, try to catch you contradicting yourself, and every other trick in the book. Make sure you understand the question before answering
  • Stay patient and answer questions clearly. Along with trying to lead you into a damaging answer, some attorneys will attempt to intentionally irritate or badger a witness during a deposition. It is important to stay calm, answer questions with clear “yes” or “no” answers (no mm hmms, nodding, etc.), and show that you are a credible and likable witness
  • If you are not 100 percent clear on a question, a document, or a situation, ask your attorney. You may request a break at any time for personal reasons or to consult with your attorney. Do not hesitate to exercise this option

With proper preparation, a strong case, and the help of a qualified personal injury attorney, your deposition will be over before you know it. Depositions and interrogatories are just a stepping stone towards you and your family recovering the financial compensation you need and deserve.

Contact our West Long Branch Personal Injury Deposition Attorneys Today

The personal injury deposition attorneys of Chamlin, Rosen, Uliano & Witherington have extensive experience helping clients through the deposition process in Red Bank, Freehold, Middletown, West Long Branch, Asbury Park, Howell, and all of Central New Jersey. We have recovered $ millions for our local clients to cover damages from car accidentsmotorcycle accidentstruck accidentsconstruction accidentsslip and fall accidents, and much more. Our firm takes pride in offering the resources of a larger firm while maintaining the personal, individualized approach of a smaller firm.

To learn more about the personal injury deposition process in New Jersey, please contact us online or call our Clifton, NJ office at (732) 440-3950 today for a free and confidential consultation.

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